If you are a freeholder and you have been asked to extend a lease we can provide you with access to all the professional help and advice you need, all under one roof, to ensure your interests are fully protected.

The Statutory Process

If you have been formally served with a request for a statutory lease extension, you need help and advice
  • to tell you whether the statutory notice is valid, and therefore whether you have to grant the extension
  • to decide whether the premium in the statutory notice is acceptable, or whether you should lodge a counter-notice asking for a higher premium
  • to assist you in the subsequent negotiations to determine the premium
  • to complete the legal work in granting the extension to the lease
There are strict timetables involved in this process, and so it is important that you act quickly and have the support of experienced professionals who can protect your interests.

The Non-Statutory Process

If a leaseholder has approached you informally to ask for a lease extension, you are under no obligation to respond, or negotiate, but you should still seek professional advice as you may find that you can negotiate favourable ground rent terms and only grant a short extension, rather than the statutory 90 years. An experienced surveyor and solicitor can help you to obtain the best deal, and ensure your position is protected.

Selling the Freehold

If you have been approached with a request to sell the freehold (sometimes called leasehold enfranchisement, or 'right to buy') we can also help you find the right help and advice – contact us for further details.